(l-r) Jim Hollars, Jarrett Bravo, Robert Freshwater and Mark Howes

For the first time in brewing history, James Squire is set to collaborate with another brewery for the upcoming Brewsvegas festival.

James Squire’s Brewhouse The Charming Squire and Newstead Brewing Co. will work together to come up with a modern twist on the traditional ‘Black and Tan’ brewing style.

Originally from England around 1889, the Black and Tan style is a blend of pale beer with a dark beer. The two beers are brewed to complement each other, once poured together in one glass.

Newstead Brewing Co. will brew the ‘Tan’ and The Charming Squire will create the ‘Black’.

The Charming Squire brewer Rob Freshwater said this was the first time James Squire had collaborated, but they couldn’t think of a better brewery than the local team at Newstead Brewing Co. to work with.

Freshwater said the team had acquired an old bourbon wooden barrel to brew the dark ale and to provide extra flavour.

“We’re really excited about this project and creating a quirky but delicious Black and Tan style beer,” said Freshwater. “We have a great working relationship with the team at Newstead Brewing Co. who assisted us when we were first setting up the brewery at The Charming Squire.”

Both breweries began brewing the dark and pale ales this week in time for Brewsvegas, which is a week-long beer festival from 21-28 March.

Newstead Brewing Co.’s Mark Howes said the team have some great plans for their pale beer and will be looking forward to the unveiling in March.

“We really enjoy collaborative brews and working together with other brewers,” Howes said. “The craft brewing industry is rather small and we all work together and bounce ideas of each other on a regular basis. I am really looking forward to creating this traditional style and love the idea of customers getting involved in blending their beers together to make the ultimate drop.”

The name of the beer is still a work in progress and will be unveiled at The Charming Squire on 23 March as part of the Brewsvegas schedule of events.

To learn more about the festival and get tickets to the unveiling of the collaborative beer, click here.

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