The brewers at Red Duck (NSW) are well aware that when it comes to craft brewing, just about anything’s worth a shot. They’ve let us know (and now we’re telling you…) that they have a brand-new, limited release that promises to land a real kick when you taste it

They’ve named it “Smells like a Pony” – and it’s a peculiar brew that we’re willing to lay odds you’ve not come across before. It’s called a braggot… and we’ll let Red Duck tell the story.

“First make a strong mead from a wild and intense honey, in this case 100% buckwheat honey, which is pretty full on! Then make a strong ale, with lots of complex malt character, and blend the two = braggot!”

It’s not to be toyed with – it clocks in at 13.7% ABV, and most likely isn’t for the faint-hearted. It’s a very limited release, so grab it while you can. For more info, head along to

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