Hard on the heels of St Patrick’s Day comes some interesting news, courtesy of Roy Morgan Research. According to a recently published report, Australian consumers are turning to Irish drinks at a startling rate.

The fastest-growing of the big Irish brands in Australia has been Magners Cider, which has increased its consumer market share to 146,000 in an average four-week period, which is more than double the number of drinkers in 2010.

Equally as impressive has been the rise in popularity of Jameson’s Irish Whiskey. The report states that it is currently enjoying something of a surge in popularity, with 259,000 consumers having tried it in an average four week period.

“While consumption of beer has declined, overall alcohol consumption has risen slightly, and cider and whisky have enjoyed especially good growth in the last few years,” said Angela Smith, Group Account Director – Consumer Products, Roy Morgan Research, in a statement.

Guinness consumption has remained relatively unchanged over the period, with a total of 262,000 alcohol drinkers ordering a Guinness in 2013.

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