The body that oversees the Australian independent craft beer industry has asked for member feedback on the Code of Conduct it has drafted in the wake of sexual misconduct allegations being levelled both here and overseas.

The Independent Brewers Association’s (IBA) chair Pete Philip said in a statement today (July 29), that “as they continue to respond to the need for change in the culture of the industry, (they) are happy to provide members with a draft Code of Conduct for consideration and feedback”. IBA members can give feedback on the Code here before August 20. The IBA said they’ll make relevant changes and adopt the code once all responses have been considered.

But the six breweries owned by the IBA’s board – including the chair’s Wayward Brewing plus Prancing Pony, Bad Shepherd, Ballistic, Young Henrys and Gage Roads – have already adopted the Code, with Philip saying they hoped other members would see value in its place within their businesses.

“The only way to ensure change is to align ourselves to a responsible, kind and considerate way of treating our fellow human beings,” he said. “To advance our mission, we feel that our members and their representatives must act with honesty and integrity, conduct themselves professionally and embrace all people.

“Alongside this overarching policy, we are also looking at expanding our member resources to provide you with practical tools, templates and policies that will support adherence to the Code. Further communication will be issued on this matter.”

The IBA’s draft Code of Conduct follows the launch of the Craft Beer Diversity and Inclusion Survey by Beer Agents for Change – a female-led independent action group that has emerged since allegations in the Australian beer industry started being levelled.

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