With Holgate Brewhouse’s normally festive Oktoberfest celebrations kiboshed by COVID this year the Woodend brewery have created a Bavarian beer pack so you can take the party home.

Coming in a three can gift box with a bonus stubby holder, Holgate’s Bavarian Beer Pack features 500ml cans of Dunkel Lager, Hefe Weiss and Pilsner. The Dunkel and the Hefe Weiss can also be purchased in packs of 12. Head here for more details.

The Dunkel Lager (5.1%) is Holgate’s nod to the original brown lager of Bavaria. Perfectly suited to matching with food, its subtleties won’t overshadow whatever meal is on the palate but its complexities (chocolate, bread crust and caramel) allow it to stand on its own should a pretzel suffice. Its malt-forward flavour profile doesn’t mean this is overtly sweet however, but rather a finely balanced interplay between those malt characters and noble hop bitterness.

The Hefe Weiss (5.3%) is a great expression of style. The cloudy, yellowish hue lends itself perfectly to the banana and wheat flavours that aide in this Bavarian wheat beer going down with crisp, refreshing ease.

Finally, since 2002 the Holgate brewers have been crafting and perfecting the Pilsner (5.1%) and it shows. A staple tap favourite at their brewpub, it wears its traditional golden colours well and continues the Pilsner’s heritage noble hop aromas of herbal and floral notes. There’s a dry cracker malt character and a crisp bitterness to finish.

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