Heads of Noosa Brewing Co. has gone solar with the installation of 300 panels on the roof of its production brewery on the Sunshine Coast.

Since it opened in January 2019, Heads of Noosa has incorporated numerous energy-saving measures, such as multiple heat capture and energy transfer systems in the brewery.

The new solar initiative will see up to 60% of the power used at the brewery covered by renewable energy. The 300 Phono Solar – 330W solar panels will produce a conservative estimate of 145,000 kWh annually, offsetting over 140,000 kilos of carbon dioxide.

“The long-term benefits for the business and the environment are just too good to pass up,” say co-owners Lance and Craig Masterton. “It’s a significant cost now, but we’re big picture thinkers and we’re in this for the long haul. The decision was an easy one.

“If we are strategic with our brewing and packaging schedules, we can really maximise our usage during the sunniest times of the day and potentially power the entire brewery on solar.”

The solar panels were supplied, installed and commissioned by Celtic Power, a business based in Noosa Hinterland.

“This system will significantly contribute to the Noosa Council’s goal of carbon neutrality in our region,” says Tony Morriseey, Celtic Solar’s owner and solar designer and installer. “We also greatly appreciate the brewery’s choice to support our business.”

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