Hawthorn Brewery’s award wining Amber Ale is doing the rounds again. But this year they have made some interesting tweaks, including dry hopping with fresh whole hop flowers. Even better, they are doing a keg run this year. It is strictly limited so make sure you find out quick smart where they have dropped so you can get your fix.

Apparently more British than the Queen’s corgi’s, the tasting notes on this Northern English-style ale suggest a dark auburn coloured brew with hints of red. The inclusion of the world famous base malt – Maris Otter – ensures a lovely rounded body, whilst a small addition of Chocolate Malt in the grain bill delivers a warm bittersweet roasted caramel flavour. Mild English hops balance the sweet malt nicely, and plenty of dry hopping after the fermentation in-fuses a floral and spice aroma.

Hawthorn proudly created their ale as an all malt beer with no added sugar, chemicals or preservatives. Smooth and well balanced, drink it a few degrees warmer than the fridge for the full flavoured experience. Perfect with chargrilled meat, or equally enjoyable on its own.

And keep an eagle eye out for their IPA – available June/July 2012 – as it will be available in kegs only and a very limited release. The recipe was still being finalised when we got this info but it has been promised as “a highly hopped ale with plenty of balanced bitterness dominated by bold hop flavours”. Sounds good to us.

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