Angel City Guac

Dieter Foerstner of Los Angeles-based Angel City Brewery has launched a Kolsch-style Guacamole Ale that contains avocado, crushed red pepper, garlic, lime and cilantro (coriander for non-Americans)

Apparently Foerstner’s grandparents owned an avocado ranch, inspiring his love of all this green and mushy.

More than 100 pounds (around 45 kilograms) of avocados were used in the brewing process to create just 15 kegs of the finished beer.

From all reports the brew is “subtle” and has a “creamy finish” and would seriously not be out of place at the Great Australasian Beer Spectapular or a similar festival that encourages off the wall experimentation.

Other brews from the LA brewery include a Pickle Weiss (Berliner Weiss spiked with pickle juice) and French Sip (a liquid homage to the LA tradition of the French Dip sandwich that was brewed with beef bouillon and ‘au jus’).

Read the full story here.

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