Grain and Grape fresh wort kits are the perfect way to make better beer.

We use the same ingredients, equipment and process to make our kits that your favourite craft brewery uses to make the beer you love to drink.

Our kits are brewed on a Speidel Braumeister professional brewing system as seen in craft breweries all over Australia and the world. Our head brewer Chris oversees the entire process with an attention to detail that is legendary in the industry.

We use only the freshest craft malts and hops sourced through our unique position in the industry. A core range of styles that have become firm favourites with our customers plus seasonal brews to add spice to your brewing.

One of our Fresh Wort Kits, some yeast and your own special touches is all it takes to make great beer at home.

Our kits are craft beer in kit form: not homebrew in a tin. Drop into Grain and Grape and try them for yourself.

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