Kiwi craft brewer Moa has unveiled a new price and packaging line to give punters more bang for their (beer) buck. And not being the type to rest on their (well deserved) laurels, the Moa team is set to reward Kiwi fans with leaner and cheaper packaging range.

From now on the Moa Estate range (Moa Methode, Moa Blanc, Moa Noir and Moa Pale Ale) will sport a fancy new-look four-pack at a more than 30% price reduction – down to NZ$18.99 from NZ$27.99.

“The new price point makes great, homegrown Kiwi craft beer even more accessible for the discerning beer hunter,” says Moa General Manager Gareth Hughes. “We had some feedback from the market that the price of a Moa Estate four-pack was too high, so we have taken that on board and made the necessary changes to address that. Our cost of goods has been sliced, our retailers have the opportunity to upsell from single bottle sales to 4 packs and the punters get the same super premium product at a better price. It’s what they call a win-win-win.”

With a slimline new 330mL size, the brews will also drop from 5.5% ABV to 5% to sidestep the looming excise tax hike.

It is hoped that the changes will make this well-loved craft brand morecompetitive on the home front as well as on an international scale – a big plus given their recent US expansion.

“Things such as glass savings, lighter pallet weights and less cardboard all play a big part in the export game. Naturally, such a big price drop is a positive for both Kiwi and US consumers,” he says.

Additionally, the RRP on Moa Estate 12-packs will drop from NZ$6.99 per bottle, to NZ$4.99 and bottles in Moa Reserve 12-packs from $8.49 to $6.99. And come August, favourites Moa Original & Weka Cider will also get a new look ‘carry carton’ package style.

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