The Whisky Club, a new venture by Sullivans Cove’sBertie Cason, is set to deliver a truly enjoyable and interactive whisky experience straight to your door.

The set-up is simple. On the first Friday of every month members will receive an email detailing the featured whisky for the month, along with tasting notes, history and food pairing suggestions. If they don’t wish to purchase, they simply click a button to opt out. Membership is free and there are no monthly charges.

The Whisky Club aims to deliver impeccable single malt to its members at a great price. The team search far and wide to find whiskies that you won’t see on the shelves of your local liquor store. They have access to the whiskies that are closely guarded by those that own them and those that have a story to tell. As a result, members get to delve outside their comfort zone and into unchartered whisky territory.

Thanks to the membership’s buying power The Whisky Club can secure great prices, with the featured whiskies generally priced between $80 and $140.

The Whisky Club also offers members the opportunity to enjoy the expertise and knowledge of the industry’s finest through Google Hangouts. Last month, members had the chance to chat with Ian MacMillan, the Head of Distilleries at Burn Stewart Distillers, and this month they will be joined by Alex Bruce, the main man behind Adelphi Distillery.

To celebrate the launch of The Whisky Club, the first 500 members to join will be in the running to win a bottle of the very rare and celebrated Sullivans Cove French Oak from cask HH0509. Worth $3,750, it is one of the world’s great whiskies, scoring 96.5/100 in the 2013 Whisky Bible.

To sign up, simply click here.

Written by Laura Barry

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