Taster management specialist FlavorActiV is expanding its offer to brewers and beverage producers with a new expert panel tasting service, Tasting Services, developed in partnership with experts Sensory Dimensions.

This collaboration will enable FlavorActiV to provide its customers with a more comprehensive tasting service, by providing independent sensory assessments. Tasting Services can help customers understand their consumers’ needs, gain a brand profile that can be used for product specification and identify new product development opportunities.

FlavorActiV’s Tasting Services are delivered by a team of 18 dedicated, external tasters who are trained and validated using the company’s industry-leading taster management system. The tasters are trained to recognise and scale over 40 different flavours, enabling them to complete a thorough technical sensory understanding of a customer’s product.

FlavorActiV managing director Richard Boughton, said, “We’re delighted with this new partnership, which broadens our sphere of tasting activity. We now have the capacity to assess products from a consumer preference perspective in addition to the objective tasting on which we have built our business to date.

“Both types of assessment are valued by our customers: they want to be confident that their beers or beverages taste consistently to specification, and they also want to know what consumers think of that taste. FlavorActiV is uniquely placed to marry these complementary tasting services and provide the customer with a match between technical and consumer requirements.

“We believe this new service offers huge potential, particularly in new product development. We’re confident Tasting Services will quickly be in great demand from our existing customers as well as attracting new ones.”

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