Innovators of craft brewing in China, Shanghai’s Boxing Cat Brewery and Beijing’s Great Leap Brewing, are offering customers a unique opportunity to taste the first collaboration between two craft breweries in China: Yunnan Amber.

Available now at both breweries, the beer is a first for the fledgling craft beer industry in China.

“Having the opportunity to collaborate with Setzer ofGreat Leap on China’s first collaboration brew was a great experience”. Both breweries are widely recognized for their creativity and innovative products in China and Yunnan Amber continues with that tradition in true craft beer spirit.

Inspired by the collaboration brews between American’s top craft breweries at the Craft Brewing Conference in San Diego last May, Michael Jordan, of Boxing Cat Brewery, and Carl Setzer, of Great Leap, the brewers decided it was high time China had it’s first collaboration brew.

“The beer has aspects of both our brewing philosophies and will give fans of craft beer in Shanghai a small taste of Great Leap Brewing,” says Jordan.

The unique brew infuses Dianhong black tea from China’s southwest Yunnan Province and a combination of domestic and imported hops to create a mild beer with a good malt profile and a delicate black tea finish.

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