1 April 2011

It might be April Fools Day but this is no joke! WA based travel company, Thirsty Swagman, has teamed up with 4 Pines Brewery to offer a unique travelling experience… Beer In Space!!!

Travellers soon have the option to book commercial space flights when space tourism is set to take off in 2012. When Australia’s Thirsty Swagman tour operator decides to offer a ticket to the next frontier in tourism, they’ll do so with a difference – giving budding astronauts the opportunity to drink a beer in space (www.beerinspace.com).

“Beer is the nectar of the gods, and soon you can touch the heavens to drink it” said Kenneth Hart, founder of Thirsty Swagman Pty Ltd.

“You’ll be going at Mach 3 to the Kármán line at 330,000 feet above earth and for several minutes you’ll have the most incredible view of our planet through the bottom of your glass”.

With some details for the tour to be finalised in 2012, there are already several commercial space tour operators that will begin offering private space trips in 2012 / 2013, and an Australian brewery recently released the world’s first space beer – specifically formulated to be consumed in zero gravity.

“Space tourism will be common in the next decade or so, and it’s only a matter of time before people will want a drink up there. Eventually, maybe not in our lifetime, there will be hotels, pubs and bars in space. This tour is the first opportunity humans will get to drink a beer in space” said Tash Marti, Travel Manager at Thirsty Swagman. “It’s one small thirst for man, one giant first for mankind.”

The Beer in Space tour includes a sub-orbital commercial space flight with approx. 5 minutes of weightlessness, 2 to 3 days training and preparation, introduction to consuming liquids in space, a beer brewed for consumption in zero gravity, and Thirsty Swagman promises its customers an exclusive after-event party to celebrate the flight.

Beer in Space tours are planned for 2012 / 2013 from US $95,000, and zero gravity / parabolic flight options will soon be offered from US $9,900.

Look out for more information about 4 Pines Space Beer in the upcomingissue of Beer & Brewer.

For more information about Thirsty Swagman or the Beer in Space tour, visit www.beerinspace.com or contact Kenneth Hart at (08) 9257 3898.

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