As previously announced, the brewing might of the 2012 AIBA Champion Small Australian Brewery andthe 2012 AIBA Champion Large Australian Brewery have come together to create a new limited edition brew for the2013 Australian International Beer Awards (AIBA).

And last week award-winning brewers Brendan Varis (Feral Brewing) and Richard Watkins (Wig &Pen) teamed up in Canberra to produce the collaborative beer, which they have named Pig Pen.

An experimental brew, the pair have called the beer a ‘free range ale’. Fittingly, the Ale contains ingredients sourced from around the
globe, including malt from the UK, wild and conventional yeast from
Belgium and the US, and Australian hops.

Richard Watkins of Wig and Pen Brewery and Tavern says that he and Brendan sought inspiration for Pig Pen from the AIBA’s international flavour.

“Brendan and I used malt, hops and wild and conventional yeast, as well as doses of Canberra and WA micro flora and Australia’s finest water to produce the foundation of the brew,” says Watkins.

Brendan Varis of Feral Brewing echoed Watkins’ sentiments and says that he is thrilled to be invited back to brew AIBA’s second collaborative beer in 2013.

“It is a privilege to brew with my longtime friend Richard Watkins at the Wig and Pen. It’s days like these that make you realise what a great industry brewing is to be in,” he says.

After debuting at the AIBA Presentation Dinner on Thursday, 23 May, Pig Pen will go on tap as one of the specialty beers at the Great Australasian Beer SpecTAPular (GABS) from 24-26 May. These will be the only opportunities to try this limited edition brew.

Tickets to the AIBA Presentation Dinner can be purchased at

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