EnerNOC, which stands for Energy Network Operations Centre is a US based company that essentially pays companies for not using energy for a period of time, such as breweries, to reduce the overall energy use of electric grid operators. EnerNOC work with many companies in the USA and UK and are now operating out of Western Australia and encourage medium to large scale breweries to make contact to enquire how their services can not only provide an additional revenue stream, but also help save energy for the environment. Plus their sophisticated software helps brewers identify energy usuage for various machinery in the production process and thereby pinpoint areas of energy use that can be made more efficient and reduced.

What is Demand Response?

Demand response provides payments directly to organizations that choose to reduce energy use during times of peak demand. EnerNOC DemandSMART is the industry’s most comprehensive demand response application, allowing our customers to get the most value from their participation in demand response programs throughout the US, Canada, and the United Kingdom. EnerNOC works closely with customers to define customized energy reduction strategies and ensure successful performance during events. EnerNOC absorbs all costs and protects customers from any penalties that can be incurred for not meeting reduction targets. Demand response helps stabilize your region’s energy resources without requiring construction of new power plants—benefiting utilities, their customers, and the environment.

Case Study – US brewer, Harpoon, in Boston

Following is a case study of a US brewer, Harpoon, in Boston, that are using EnerNOC and generating $8000 per annum, plus learning more about their business and energy use.

In 2007, Harpoon enrolled in EnerNOC’s demand response (DR) program offered through ISO New England, its regional electric grid operator. Working closely with Harpoon, EnerNOC developed an energy reduction strategy focused on modifying the settings on their chillers, rescheduling bottling processes, and making other relevant production changes. By following its customized energy reduction plan, Harpoon agreed to reduce 350 kilowatts (kW) of electricity. What’s truly impressive is that this represents more than half of the brewery’s normal electricity load.


  • The top benefit EnerNOC DR offers Harpoon is that it enables the brewery to earn revenue without any effect on the quality of its product.
  • EnerNOC DR generates payments of approximately USD$8,000 annually, which helps Harpoon offset some of the rising prices of raw materials, such as hops and glass, and protect its margins. However, the company’s decision to choose demand response wasn’t just financial. It felt that flexibility in its production processes make DR possible without any great hardship on its facilities and then moves its production crews to other projects for a few hours.
  • “Being part of EnerNOC’s demand response program is part of our goal to think about the impact our business has on the environment,” says Dan Kenary, president of Harpoon.
  • Now, with access to the energy monitoring features available through DemandSMART, EnerNOC’s comprehensive DR application, Harpoon can log in and see its current energy usage, and how much energy specific pieces of equipment are using. “We can see how we’re using energy, not just how much,” says Dibble. “And that lets us understand our demand – free of charge – so we can make better decisions.”
  • “DR allows you to understand demand and run your business better by controlling energy costs. Plus, it creates revenues. As a CFO, I find that hard to argue with.” Warren Dibble, vice president and chief financial officer (CFO).

To find out more visit www.enernoc.com/get-started.

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