In some much-needed positive news for Australia’s craft brewing industry, Capital Brewing Co has announced that it has acquired renowned Australian cider brand, Batlow Cider.

Capital Brewing Co, Founders Tom Hertel and Laurence Kain said Batlow has always been a favourite in the venues they have owned and it is one of Australia’s most authentic and recognised cider brands.

“We feel so proud to take on custodianship and keep the iconic brand 100 per cent independent and Australian owned and operated,” said Hertel.

Kain added: “We feel there is a real connection with the Batlow Cider brand, not just because we have loved serving it for over 14 years.

“The brand’s attention to quality and authenticity is something we have always strived to achieve with our Capital brews. We also have a strong geographical connection with Batlow being so close to our hometown of Canberra.”

Capital Brewing is B Corp certified and Kain said the company was drawn into Batlow’s environmental ethos.

“We have a strong focus on operating in a socially and environmentally responsible way, and are committed to reducing waste throughout our supply chains, so it’s incredibly important we continue this with the way we operate Batlow Cider,” he said.

“One of the things we love about Batlow Cider is that it’s made from imperfect fruit that would not normally make it to supermarket shelves and may otherwise become a waste product.”

Through Capital Brewing Co’s acquisition, the company is committed to increasing production of cider, in turn decreasing waste product, plus with the Capital Brewery so close to Batlow they will be reducing existing freight and the overall carbon footprint to make the product.

Kain said: “Now in a more streamlined approach the juiced apples will be coming straight from Batlow to Canberra, where they will be fermented and packaged at our Brewery in Fyshwick.”

Batlow owners Rich and Sam Coombes, expressed their delight with the deal, saying: “We are absolutely thrilled to see Batlow Cider moving into the Capital Brewing Co’s custodianship. We have long been impressed with the marketing and sales capability of Capital Brewing Co and we look forward to seeing the Batlow brand continue to grow alongside their high quality beers.”

Apples have been grown and traded in Batlow since 1922, a history that Hertel is keen to preserve and grow.

“Almost every Aussie has had a Batlow apple in their lunchbox at some point – the brand is rich in Australian history and heritage, and we love how connected Batlow Cider is with its roots,” he said.

 “Through the boost in sales and marketing resources that we’re able to give the Batlow Cider brand, we will significantly increase the production and sales across the country, creating more jobs for the town of Batlow, as well as here in Canberra.

 “Rest assured though, the recipe won’t be changing.”

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