With more and more consumers turning to mindful moderation, Heaps Normal has launched its ‘Just Say No to Water’ campaign for the second year running.

In a spoof video, the campaign encourages Aussies participating in Dry July to pick up a non-alcoholic beverage rather than abstaining from beer altogether.

Andy Miller, CEO and Co-Founder of Heaps Normal, says: “We’re here to remind Aussies that they evil bottled water or jugs of the stuff fish poop in on their next night out. Boring drinks are a scrounge on society. Enjoy a delicious, frothy beer without the downsides instead.”

This year, Heaps Normal has taken inspiration from anti-drug and alcohol adverts of the 90s, with musician Donny Benét fronting the campaign to replace water with non-alcoholic beer.

Appearing as a chaotic talk show host, Benét holds tongue in cheek interviews with anti-water activists about the adverse effects of this ‘boring threat’, with musician Lucy Small and drinks writer Mike Bennie making an appearance.

“It’s infiltrating our homes, our workplaces and worst of all our bars. We must make a stand against dihydrogen monoxide before the boredom takes over, and just say no,” says Benét.

“If it’s not frothy, delicious and quenching my thirst after a long day, I don’t want it. So I’m back again this year to share an important message: keep yourselves, your families, friends and loved ones, safe from this boring threat.”

Amplifying the message of the 2023 campaign, this year’s campaign aims to recruit Millennial and Gen Z drinkers, who account for the largest portion of no- and low-alcohol consumers, with a tendency to switch between non-alcoholic and full-strength products on the same occasion.

Tim Snape, Marketing Director for Heaps Normal, says: “The brand’s Just Say No to Water 2024 campaign builds on the success of last year’s campaign by bringing Benét back to interview some of Heaps Normal’s friends, and lending his profile to series of PSA-style parodies.

“Donny is the ultimate anti-water activist, bringing the kind of elevated style and celebrity hitting power our small business needs to lend weight to this important message about the dangers of water, a liquid that destroys taste buds and lives across the world with its nothing blandness. We’re more than happy to front this fight.”

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