If brewing is the career for you, or you want to increase your technical skills and gain either nationally accredited or internationally accredited qualifications, then TAFE SA will be delivering a number of short programs that just might suit you.

TAFE SA, Brewing Lecturer, Stephen Nelsen, a qualified and experienced brewer and IBD accredited trainer, will present each course through tutorials and practical sessions in THE CAMPUS micro-brewery. Each course will focus on the real strengths of the brewery industry, as well as tackling the issues of applying this to any size brewery operation. Guest lecturers from industry will deliver enlightening presentations on specialty subjects from barley, malting, yeast, microbiology, laboratory skills, to packaging and excise.


This course will provide a sound grounding in the brewing process from raw materials to packaging. This program is internationally recognised and is a highly sought industry benchmark qualification via the Institute of Brewing and Distilling.

Duration: This course will run over two x 4 day workshops
Dates: 1 February to 4 February and 15 February to 18 February, 2016
TAFE SA Course Fee: $1,850.00
IBD Exam Fee: £290. The IBD exam is scheduled for the 4 May, 2016


This internationally recognised qualification provides participants with higher level proficiency skills over and above those covered in the Fundamental qualification.

Duration: This course runs over two x 5 day workshops
Dates: 4 April to 8 April and 18 April to 22 April, 2016
TAFE SA Course Fee: $2,350.00
IBD Exam Fee: £290. The IBD exam is scheduled for the 4 May, 2016


This course is ideal for existing brewpub and craft brewery staff, and those looking for entry into this exciting and rapidly growing global industry.

Duration: 2 x 2 week blocks
Dates: 9 May to 20 May and 30 May to 10 June, 2016
TAFE SA Course Fee: $2,664.00 (participants successfully completing required assessment will receive a Certificate III in Food Processing)

For more information or to register:
Tel: (08) 8348 4579

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