It seems like the plot of a film: a group of famous actors meet on a film set and get along so well they decide to start a brewery. It doesn’t go so well but gets rescued but a bigger company with a passion for beer and the brand goes on to win international accolades.

Except it is true and one of the aforementioned actors is none other than French legend (and, if the latest news is to be believed, road-raging lunatic) Gérard Depardieu.

The brewery is La Brasserie Des Sources was saved in 2005 by IBB and went on to be voted “the best ale over 5.0%” in England – a first fro a French brewery.

Saint Amand les Eaux-based brewery draws its inspiration from the 1950s when beers were still generously hopped and very refreshing. Indeed the brew uses a ‘unique cocktail’ of three hops as well as being dry hopped near the end for good measure. With an ABV of 6.5 per cent, the brew sits somewhere between the flavours of an IPA and those of the traditional “bières de Garde” from northern France.

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