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Homebrewer recipe gams bart roggenbier

Gams-Bart Roggenbier – All-Grain Recipe by Kip Barnes of LA Aleworks There’s a resurgence of rye beers at the moment, especially among the homebrew afficianados who are looking to extend their repertoire. Try this rye from kip Barnes at LA Aleworks – just the thing for anyone looking for something new to tackle this summer. […]


Aleticipation encourages homebrewing experimentation in sa

Jared Birbeck – the eponymous founder of Birbeck’s Brewing Company – has been making waves on the South Australian beer scene since launching himself from the homebrewing scene into the world of commercial brewing. However, Birbeck isn’t one to forget his roots, recently holding his brand’s very first hombrewing competition – Aleticipation. The concept was […]