Carlton Draught has come under fire from media commentators this week for a promotion that offers drinkers’ partners the night off from ironing.

With posters stating “Give the wife, girlfriend or partner a rest tomorrow night, because the Carlton Draught girls will be in to do your laundry (well your ironing anyway)” the idea has been derided as sexist and inappropriate.

The Imperial Hotel (Sydney) has also come under fire for running with the promotion – to be clear it is a Carlton Draught run event – with the venue’s representative company, Paddington Pub Precinct, reportedly unhappy about the potential sexist nature of the promotion.

Carlton’s creative agency Clemenger BBDO Melbourne has also sought to distance itself, declaring that they were in no way involved with the creation of the event. The responsible creative agency – the brand works with a number of different companies – has so far avoided being named.

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