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The beauty of beer clearly knows no limits, with Carlsberg launching male grooming products made from real Carlsberg beer.

Carlsberg Laboratories, the research and development arm of Carlsberg Breweries has teamed up with cosmetics producer Urtegaarden to create the products using ingredients in Carlsberg Lager. Barley, hops and yeast are naturally rich in vitamin B and silicium, both of which are said to have beautifying properties for hair and skin.

“Every day, we work with ingredients that not only taste great, but which could also help to make probably the world’s most beautiful men,” says Lene Mølskov Bech, senior regulatory laboratories manager. “So of course we had to give it a go!”

A survey conducted by Epinion about men’s grooming habits in the UK showed 65 per cent of men are daily groomers. While even though 58 per cent of men surveyed spend more than £15 a month on grooming products, close to half still use their girlfriends’ or wives’ grooming products on a weekly basis.

“People sometimes say that men don’t care too much about grooming, but the survey tells a different story. Men do care about looking good, but they often seem to lack alternatives to the more female-friendly beauty options available. And what better way to give them just that, than to introduce a grooming series made from beer?” says Zoran Gojkovic, director of research, Carlsberg Laboratories.

The Epinion survey of UK men aged 18-40 showed that half those surveyed missed having grooming products that are made specifically for men.

Each product in the Carlsberg Beer Beauty series contains 0.5 litres of real Carlsberg beer.

“The beer is freeze-dried into a powder and then mixed with organic ingredients in order to create a unique series of products: shampoo, conditioner and body lotion,” said Carlsberg brewmaster Erik Lund.

The limited edition beauty series will soon be available, here.

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