Build your beer empire with BeerTrucker PRO, an expanded iOS offering from BeerMogul games.

Out in a free version since September last year, the new pro version offers even more functionality and more chances to test your beer mogul skills. BeerTrucker PRO provides 30 levels, as well as events (music festivals, football matches, motor sports), new PRO trucks and challenging new road layouts.
The game is a simulation designed to test the player’s skills at running a brewery and keeping its beer delivery trucks on the road. The player is in charge of a busy brewery, and also has $1 million BeerBucks to spend.

Simply buy a pub, drag the beer trucks there from the brewery to make sure the drinkers are kept happy and collect the proceeds to build a very own beer empire… Sounds easy but don’t be fooled – each level comes with a series of challenges that will test each player’s beer mogul skills.

Check out the trailer here and download your empire building app here.

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