Matso’s Broome Brewery has taken inspiration from the town’s ties with Asia by launching Matso’s Lychee Beer in the lead up to summer.

Following on from the success of Matso’s Mango Beer, its lychee-infused counterpart has spent the last three years on tap at various venues around Broome and will now be rolled out in bottles across the country.

“After being on tap for so long, we now feel we have perfected the brew, a view shared by our many passionate supporters that are always willing to give us honest feedback,” said national sales manager, Scott Player.

“It is time to let the Lychee Beer roam beyond the confines of the beer garden at our spiritual home in Broome.”

The beer is a fruity twist on a Belgian fruit beer, which Matso’s head brewer, Marcus Muller says is able to fascinate the beer drinkers as well as the fruit lovers.

“The Asian influences that are a huge part of Broome’s pearling and trading history hit you hard with this new beer,” said Muller.

“‘Broome in a bottle’, this beer is refreshing and easy to drink, while giving drinkers the past and present elements of Broome’s multicultural story that makes it such a unique town.”

Matso’s Lychee Beer is available in 24-bottle cartons and also on tap at selected venues.

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