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Bridge road releases brew number 1000

In celebration of brewing their 1,000th beer,Bridge Road Brewers has released its first imperial stout,One Thousand.

From its humble beginnings back in 2005 in a residential shed in Beechworth, Victoria, Bridge Road Brewers has relocated, expanded and brewed more than 50 different styles of beer. Bridge Road Brewers CEO, Ben Kraus, says the latest beer – One Thousand – reflects the brewery’s journey so far.

“This challenging beer combines much of what we have learned from brewing the previous 999 beers. One Thousand is a huge beer with rich aromas and flavours, combined with multiple layers of complexity,” Kraus said.

“Visually this beer is a thing of beauty with its oily black appearance and rich creamy mocha head. The complex flavours are a melding of roasted and caramelised malts mixed with the strong influence of aromatic hops.”