Boneyard Brewing is a Victorian gypsy brewing company run by the team behind Melbourne’s famed beer loving restaurant Josie Bones.

Active for a little while now, the brand has secured distribution through craft beer and import specialists Northdown Craft Beer Movement.

Company co-founder Chris Badenoch is well known for his love of beer – and for cooking a pig head on national television – so there was never really any other outcome expected other than Badenoch launching his own ‘house’ beer brand for his beer-centric restaurant.

Teaming up with fellow beer nut, Josie Bones’ beer sommelier Brendan O’Sullivan – himself an award-winning brewer, AIBA beer judge, and renowned beer geek – the pair hope to “add a few more colours to the Australian craft beer palate”.

With a background in hospitality and the sensible belief that “responsible Australians should treat beer like a food, as opposed to a drug”, Boneyard Brewing plans to expand their current range to include beers with flavours that will have them right at home on the dinner table.

Boneyard’s flagship beer is its Golden Ale, a slightly misnamed ale with “a hopping regime more appropriate for an India Pale Ale”. Reportedly light, dry and crisp, it weighs in with a moderate alcohol level of 4.5% ABV.

As the brand expands and gains traction, Badenoch and O’Sullivan plan to expand their regular line up as well as releasing a number of seasonals – like the previously released summer special Grapefruit IPA.

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