In an inspirational story of battling against the odds, an English man has been granted a bionic arm – one of only seven in the world – after losing his arm in an industrial blending machine at work in 2006.

After first being given a hook – something he was ostracised for – then a different arm that broke – his dog got a little feisty out on a walk and tugged the fingers off with its lead – 53-year-oldNigel Ackland has been given acutting-edge bionic arm by RSL Steeper.

Now Ackland merely has to think about what he wants his arm to do and his bionic hand responds to the prompts from the muscles that remain in his arm.

Now Ackland can not only tie his own shoelaces and deal cards, but is also able to open his own beer.

Check out the cool video of his hand in action here.

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