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As we head into winter, nothing can improve the satisfaction of a well-prepared and perfectly baked pie – except perhaps pairing it with a crisp beer to accompany the pastry delight. Sean Garlick of Garlo’s Pies, takes us through his recommended pie and beer combination to enhance the experience of eating one of his famous pastry treats:

Like any food pairing it is important to keep in mind a few simple rules. Lighter flavoured pie options generally go well with lighter beer options, such as the pale ale or lagers. Likewise, heavier and bigger flavoured pies should be paired with heavier beer, such as stouts and darks.

Below are some great examples of what makes a great beer and pie pair.

Steak & Kidney- Reschs

Steak & Kidney is an old-time favourite and should be matched with a classic in the brewing world, Reschs Draught. Reschs has been around for nearly 150 years making it one of Australia’s oldest beers and matches well to a dish such as this institutional pie.

Chunky Steak – Guinness

The big tasty chunky steak and gravy matches well with the rich taste of a dark beer. Tooheys Old is a good local choice with Guinness being a thicker international alternative. This is possibly the most ‘winter friendly’ of all the pairings.

Lean Beef – Lager

This is the traditional ‘at the footy’ combo. Many of these have been enjoyed from the sidelines of thousands of football matches big and small across Australia. Like a good lager, Plain Pies are not complex, but still easy to go down. These two are the most popular choices in both categories.

Beef & Mushroom – Coopers Pale

The light and bitter flavour of pale ales makes a perfect accompaniment to the beef and mushroom pie. The smooth tasting beer gives off fruity notes without overpowering the subtlety of the mushrooms.

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