Sydney-based brewers 4 Pines are looking to recreate a little beer magic with the second outing of their Beer Mimics Food collaborations.

In this round, the craft brewers are teaming up with well-known Melbourne chef Andrew McConnell and Nova Radio National Drive presenter Tim Blackwell in an attempted to make a palatable beer based on a food group for
the Beer Mimics Food Showcase on Wednesday 22 May at the Builders Arms Hotel, Fitzroy.

Andrew McConnell is no stranger to flavour after working as a chef across some of Melbourne’s best pubs and restaurants including Builders Arms Hotel, Cutler & Co., Cumulus Inc., and Golden Fields. However, more than a few eyebrows were apparently raised at the mention of adulterating a smooth English Ale with McConnell’s favourite savoury HP sauce. But according to Jaron Mitchell, the proof is in the “relish” with the brew featuring orange zest, prunes, brown sugar, mustard, allspice and a hint of anchovy to give “McConnell’s Signature Relish Ale”.

Conversely Tim Blackwell is a self-confessed sweet-tooth with a love of cherry pies, ergo “Tim’s Cherry Pie” beer was a no-brainer. His is a light bodies lager with a natural cherry infusion spiced with vanilla, cocoa and cinnamon.

McConnell’s Signature Relish Ale and Tim’s Cherry Pie beers will be unveiled simultaneously on Wednesday 22 May at The Builders Arm Hotel in Melbourne, 4 Pines Brewing Company in Manly and the Tippler’s Tap in Brisbane.

No tickets needed, simply turn up to one of the events and purchase some great beer.

Look out for more Beer Mimics Food later in the year at Queensland Beer Week and Sydney Craft Beer Week.

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