A South Australia-based discount store has come under fire for promoting
a beer bong device alongside kid’s toys in its Christmas-themed

The product is designed to be used for drinking games and is still on sale on the Cheap As Chips website.
And despite the company’s protestations that when filled with water the
device would be a fun way to hydrate guests, we can’t imagine anyone
other that intoxicated people thinking it would be fun to share
spit-coated drinking tubes with heavens knows how many people at a
Christmas barbeque this silly season.

Despite the outcry on news outlets this week, the company has simply posted this warning, and is yet to pull the device:

Note: Cheap as Chips promotes responsible drinking. This item is
designed to make your party fun and can work with water or cordial just
as well. In fact filling it with water is a fun way to keep your guests
hydrated. If you intend to binge drink we would prefer you didnt [sic] buy it.”

those who are interested the seemingly American product holds a 12-pack
of beer and the manufacturers suggest using it for a chugging contest.
Make of that what you will.

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