Alex Troncoso, the well-known Head Brewer at Little Creatures, is no longer working with the company. According to reports, Troncoso has left to take up a brewing position at an unspecified brewery in the UK.

His departure from the recent Lion acquisition was official as of November 23, with no word on his reasons for leaving.

As yet there has been no announcement regarding his replacement and whether the position will be filled internally or externally.

Edit 3/12: According to the International Brewers & Distillers Troncoso will join Camden Town Brewery as Head Brewer and Development
He is due to start in mid-January, and as Roger Protz points out he will be in for a bit of a shock with the weather – London gets as tropical as 5 degrees Celsius and dips even lower in February. Best of luck to him we say and he will be missed.

Edit 5/12: Miles Hull has pointed out that Alex was actually functioning outside of the production brewing team and that there have been no changes to the brewing team at Little Creatures – i.e. business as usual at the much loved brewery.

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