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The variety of brews available to beer connoisseurs has made
the selection of the appropriate beer difficult. With a fine range of
refreshing mainstream lagers and ales available, and the number of craft brewers
doubling in the last five years, help is needed. This book is more than just a
must-have companion to buying beer, it shows you the history behind it and more
importantly how to enjoy it more. Proper glass selection, how to pour it and
even beer and food matching are covered in clear detail. There are even sections
on buying beer and selling beer both for the retailer and the consumer. Beer
styles are described; tasting notes are included for hundreds of beers; and a
huge comprehensive directory of beers and ciders shows what’s available. Beer
Buyers’ Guide is the perfect way to find your way to beer happiness (or is it

Chuck Hahn,Brewmaster, Hahn and Malt Shovel breweries.

home to some of the most exciting developments in beer in the world today, and I
am excited to have this book to help me choose my next pint!This is an
excellent book for people new to beer in all its variety, craft beer
enthusiasts, as well as those in the beer trade. Beer is notjust a thirst
quencher, it is a more versatile beverage than wine, and each style and brand
has a story to tell about its local culture. This book showcases these facts
with discussions of tasting notes, style descriptions, serving guidelines and
food pairings. Over 3000 beers and ciders are described in this excellent book.
I am anxiously awaiting my next trip across the

John Palmer, international best selling author of How To Brew, Brewing Classic
Styles, and Water – from the Brewing Elements

Ian Kingham

Contributors: Ian Kingham, Bill
Taylor, Brian Watson, Tina Panoutsos, Neal Cameron, Neil Miller, Chuck Hahn,
Chris Badenoch, Paul Mercurio, Stefanie Collins,
Pamela Collins, Matt Burns, Richard Mortimer, Carly Saillard, David Lipman.

A beer lover’s must-have companion to buying beer
in Australia and New Zealand, including beer history, the brewing process,
ingredients, sensory analysis in tasting beer, judging beer, buying beer,
glassware, beer and food matching, 100 beer style notes, 330 tasting notes from
53 countries, a trade section for beer sommeliers and a directory of 3000 local
and imported beers and ciders. 260 pages, 240 x 200 x 30mm, paperback with spot UV finishing, includes index and glossary.

Ian Kingham:
Ian has judged at the Australian Craft Beer Awards, Perth
Royal Beer Show, Sydney Royal Beer & Cider Competition and Brewers Guild of NZ Beer
Awards. He has also completed courses in beer and food pairing and studied food
science at UWS, with a major focus on brewing. Ian is Consulting Editor for
Beer & Brewer magazine and Beer Editor for drinks trade magazine. Ian is
currently National Merchandise Manager for the ALH Group, Australia and head of strategy –
beer, Woolworths Liquor Group (Dan Murphy’s, BWS, Woolies Liquor, ALH, Safeway
Liquor). Ian also buys the most beer in Australia!

1. Foreword by Roger Protz
2. What is beer and how is it made?
3. Sensory Evaluation and Tasting/Judging Beer.
4. Glassware.
5. Buying Beer.
6. Beer & Food Matching.
7. Trade Section for Beer Sommeliers.
8. Style Notes.
9. Tasting Notes.
10. Directory of Beer & Cider.
11. Glossary of Terms and Index.

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Beer Buyers’ Guide is also available in leading bookstores, newsagents, bottleshops, breweries, homebrew shops across Australia & New Zealand and online at Beer & Brewer books.

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