Batch Brewing’s Chris Sidwa and Andrew Fineran

Sydney’s Batch Brewing Co. has donated $3,200 to the Pink Boots Society, which is dedicated to empowering female beer professionals to advance their careers in the industry through education.

The money was raised through the sales of the brewery’s first ‘Home Brew For You’ beer, an initiative to encourage home brewers to try crafting one of their recipes on a commercial scale.

“The ‘Home Brew For You’ competition is all about getting our local home brewers more involved in what we do at Batch, the brewing process and what it’s like to take a beer from home brew to commercial,” Batch co-founder Andrew Fineran told Beer & Brewer.

“We started off this way, and we like the idea of involving other aspiring brewers and helping them to get more experience where we weren’t able to!

“We launched the competition by inviting one of our local brewers, Big Paul, into the brewery to scale up one of his favourite recipes.

“We felt the proceeds from the sale of Big Paul’s Mango IPA should go to a cause as the home brewer beers are about learning and having fun together, not about us making money out of their hard work and ideas. In the end, the sales generated just over $3,200 to be donated.”

Throughout the competition, which will run until the end of May, the winners of each round will nominate a charity to receive the proceeds.

“With Paul’s input, we chose the Pink Boots Society for this first round,” explained Fineran.

“When you look around at beer events and inside breweries (including ours) you don’t see a good representation of society. This is an awesome industry to be a part of and Pink Boots is doing some good work to make it even better so they deserve our support.

“We’re looking forward to when we get as many women applying to work here as men.”

Batch recently renovated its tasting room to improve the set up and increase volume.

“The changes allow for production to operate more often while not stepping on the toes (literally) of customers,” Fineran said.

“On the operational side of things, we’re in the process of installing more fermenters to get more fresh beer out to the people. In the coming months we’re looking at putting out some of the familiar hits, but we’ll also continue to experiment and hopefully create some new and exciting styles out of it!”

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