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With Clyde Mooney, TheShout.

The Australian Brewery is set to be the first craft brewer to make a mark on the subcontinent in the wake of successful negotiations to supply to India.

Leveraging their invitation from Austrade India to represent Australian craft beer in Delhi, the brewery has secured two distributors who have agreed to import their beers into the second most populous country in the world.

The AB’s Ambassador, David Ward says that beer consumption is beginning to thrive in India with rapidly expanding wealthy classes looking to invest is premium products.

“The big local brands such as Kingfisher are launching premium variations to their existing product for the burgeoning middle- and upper-classes,” Ward told TheShout. “But it’s a little strange to go into a bottle shop and there are so few beers; there are some European premiums, couple of micro-breweries starting up, but there aren’t really any craft beers there – we’ll be the first.”

The trade show was a success, with the brand’s beers making an impression on the delegates.

“Austrade were fantastic; everybody was really keen to get us board.” “While the response was positive with all our beers, the Pale Ale was the most popular. The distinctive passionfruit and mango aroma, and flavour of galaxy hops gelled really well with the Indian pallet.”

The AB is preparing to dispatch its first 250 cases, and Ward says although they are starting with just the one distributor they hope export will grow to about 2-3 containers annually.

He confirmed the deal will likely stretch their production capacity and says the brewery is already planning an expansion, with a DA already approved and capital in place. Still, the family-owned operation is not resting on its laurels, with plans to explore other export opportunities.

“We have our eye on the American market, and are in discussion with an importer in Japan,” says Ward.

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