Ever had that desperate thought that you might like to swap your firstborn child for a sip of beer? Well, if you’re in NZ and your firstborn happens to be a carrot top then you just might be in luck.

Hakanoa, the creators of a homemade Ginger Beer brand are making waves in Auckland by offering to switch drinkers’ ginger-haired kids for a six-pack of their (no-alcoholic) Ginger Beer. Yeah, that’s right, your kid is only worth a sixer – not even a case.

According to the company’s press release children are a blessing “but it’s fair to say no parent sets out wanting a ginger child”.

So, local Auckland Ginger Beer maker Hakanoa is set to give parents who are ‘gifted’ with ginger children “the opportunity to swap them for something they will want”. Apparently a six-pack of soft drink.

Given that ginger-ness is an inherited trait, we assume they will also offer to neuter the parents to avoid the accident happening again.

Anyone game enough to take them up on the offer or who simply wants to go and see who turns up with a ginger kid – and presumably give the “sympathetic glances” and “smirks” mentioned in the press release to increase the parents “feelings of shame” – has from Tuesday 31st of July until Friday 31st August to head to The Little Grocer on Richmond Road in Grey Lynn, Auckland NZ.

For more information, check out the Hakanoa Handmade Facebook page or visit their website: www.hakanoa-handmade.co.nz

Ed Note: the esteemed editor of this magazine comes from a long line of fiery red-heads and, although not blessed with their follicle colouring, is looking forward to propagating the race in the future, much to her partner’s dismay.

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