This grant is applicable to any venue in Australia that attracts tourism and requires funding assistance on a new project or upgrade. This is a must for any Australian microbrewery with a cellar door or has approval to build a cellar door experience.

Beer & Brewer encourages Australian based microbreweries to at least go to the following site and look into the benefits of applying. State and National Tourism areclearlystrong beneficiaries of all the people that currently visit and would like to visit the microbreweries across regional and metro Australia. With all the operational and tax costs of running a small business in the brewing industry, surely this level of funding will provide much needed funds to develop or enhance venues to thereby attract more people to venues and drive sales for microbrewed beer…

To summarise the TQUAL Grants from the web site:

  • TQUAL Grants is a competitive merit based grants program aimed at stimulating sustainable growth in the Australian tourism industry and nurture quality tourism experiences and support Australia’s marketing campaigns
  • The level of Australian Government support is up to $100,000+GST dollar for dollar (you invest $100,000+GST the Government invests $100,000+GST) for smaller-scale projects to stimulate private sector investment in the community
  • Projects can not begin until the funding is approved July 2011. You need to have the funding ready at the beginning of the project
  • Minister Assisting on Tourism, Nick Sherry, said many small businesses would benefit from TQUAL Grants. “The grants will help lift Australia’s competitiveness as a tourism destination and stimulate investment in innovative products and services.”
  • TQUAL Grants — Tourism Quality Projectsis seeking to fund projects which areinnovative and refresh, upgrade or develop tourism products and experiences to support the Australian tourism industry to meet its potential and complement tourism marketing efforts
  • Projects supporting the industry’s capacity to be innovative and productive, or that offer leadership to the industry
  • Aims to stimulate sustainable economic growth in Australia’s tourism industry by ensuring there is a supply of quality tourism products and experiences available to support marketing promises
  • The small business sector is the backbone of the Australian tourism industry. These grants encourage small businesses to innovate and make holidays in Australia an even more attractive prospect for overseas travellers and Australians alike,” Minister Sherry said
  • The Government has established the TQUAL Grants program to fund projects which:
    • Develop innovative and strategic tourism products and experiences through joint investment to enhance and support the sustainable economic growth of the host communities and regions; and
    • Develop the industry’s capacity to address the principles set out in the National Long-Term Tourism Strategy.

Contact: Should you have an inquiry about TQUAL Grants, please contact the TQUAL Grants team via the AusIndustry Hotline on 13 28 46 or email

Information: Information about TQUAL Grants can be found at

Media Contact:

Bindi Gove 0406 644 913 (Ferguson); Joe Scavo 0413 800 757 (Sherry)

Applications for Tourism Quality Projects open today and will close on 15 April 2011 with announcements of successful projects by mid 2011.

For further information on TQUAL Grants visit Tourism Quality Project applications and program guides are available at or by calling 13 28 46.

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