Australia’s beer industry is having a hard time at the moment, as high levels of debt, excise and cost increases and voluntary administrations put pressure on the country’s brewers.

So every positive ray of sunshine and light that can be shone on the industry should be celebrated and the release of CGA by NIQ’s latest Australia Pulse+ Report is a much-needed boost for beer.

The report shows that Anzac Day, was the most valuable Thursday of the year so far for the average Australian bar and pub. In fact, the overall velocity nearly doubled compared to an average Thursday, with a remarkable +98 per cent increase. This spike was primarily due to increased footfall, while check values remained steady.

The great news for Australian brewers is that the report shows Australians still love a schooner or a pint when it comes to special days, as beer sales soared, with a massive +105 per cent increase.

In terms of where consumers chose to mark Anzac Day, drinking venues saw an enormous velocity increase of +122 per cent, outperforming other venue categories. In contrast, eating outlets, while experiencing an uplift, saw a smaller increase of +23 per cent.

Regional variations were also clearly apparent. For example, beverage sales were nearly double the average Thursday (+97 per cent) in Victoria, whereas New South Wales saw an extraordinary increase, with sales almost tripling (+194 per cent).

James Phillips, Client Solutions Director – Australia said: “The latest Pulse+ Report reveals the essential trends drinks suppliers and operators need to understand for maximising public holidays. For instance, the significant increase in BevAl sales, particularly in drinking outlets, emphasises the importance of strategic planning and targeted offerings on such key dates.

“Stakeholders who get these dynamics right are well placed to meet consumer demands and enhance profitability on occasions when the business is there for the taking.”

So, while there are still many concerns for Australia’s brewing industry, we need to take and learn from these positives and if venues and brewers can work together to help consumers engage with beer on these key events and beyond, there is hope for a brighter future.

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