Vivid Sydney kicks off tomorrow, Friday 24 May, and will include ‘A New Normal’ which will bring together over 50 of Sydney’s most ambitious designers, architects, developers, technologists, brands and architects to actualise solutions for a self-sufficient Sydney.

The three-week exhibition is described as being part gallery, part pavilion and part community meeting place. Incredibly A New Normal will contain more than 20 concepts, which organisers say provide near-term solutions that, if implemented, would transform Sydney from a consumer of water, energy and other commodities, to being a self-sufficient producer of clean energy, limitless water and zero waste, within 10 years.

One of the concepts on show will be a Heaps Normal beer, called ‘The Last Beer on Earth’ which has been made from recycled waste water. The activation will form part of ‘The Last Pub on Earth’, which the ABC reported as being in a “Mad Max-inspired world where centralised water supplies are a relic of the past.

“The Last Pub on Earth serves as a stark reminder of the potential future that awaits if we fail to act on water conservation. It’s a call to action, urging visitors to reflect on their water usage and embrace sustainable practices.”

Led in Sydney by Jess Miller (former Councillor and Deputy Lord Mayor of Sydney), the hub and activation is the result of a mass collaboration between some of Australia’s most ambitious and pragmatic thinkers. It provides a blueprint for a more sustainable decade, assembling real-world solutions to problems that can seem unmanageable and answers lofty.

“We’re thrilled to be adapting and presenting this ‘do tank’ to Sydneysiders and the nation and expanding the reach of A New Normal. It is our hope that the private-sector and government will see that these practical, popular and cost-effective solutions are at their fingertips and available now,” said Miller.

“This project provides a blueprint for cities on how to save water, lower emissions and minimise climate impact in a way that will create jobs and support our local economy. It will also show how these solutions can be available to all and not just the privileged few – it is massively in keeping with Vivid’s ‘Humanity’ theme for this year.

“Sydney faces significant social, economic and environmental challenges, but we are also one of the most liveable cities in the world. Landcom is proud to partner on the implementation of this program which provides an opportunity for entrepreneurs and great minds to resolve these issues.”

Vivid Ideas runs from 24 May to 14 June 2024. Explore the full program online at

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