Triple-1-Three – the WA group behind craft brewery Otherside and venues including Freo.Social and Mojos – has announced its CEO of the last four years Al Taylor is stepping down but would remain involved with the company as a shareholder and non-executive director as well as in a strategic advisory capacity.

Reflecting on the move, he said: “Craft beer, live music, creativity, connecting people, there is so much to love about being part of Triple-1-Three. When I joined as CEO in early 2019, we set out to achieve a lot, and we have.

“We’ve built a brewery and an award-winning craft beer brand in Otherside. We opened Freo.Social and acquired Mojos. We created and delivered the ‘Welcome to the Otherside’, and Liberty Alive activations. We established key and unique partnerships, launched a highly successful crowd sourced funding campaign and have a number of other exciting commercial growth initiatives to be announced.

“Triple-1-Three has experienced significant growth and is in a great position. I leave with every confidence that we have assembled a great band of people who will continue to drive (its) purpose, unique culture and ensure it’s continued growth and prosperity.

“For me, it feels like the right time to step back, take a breath and focus on other opportunities.”

Triple-1-Three chair Adam Levin acknowledged Al’s “significant contribution to the group”.

“On behalf of Triple-1-Three, we extend a massive thank you to Al for his valuable contribution as CEO over the last four years and we look forward to his ongoing involvement at a board level and his continued assistance with strategic projects.

“I am also pleased to confirm that Triple-1-Three founder and current COO/CFO, James Legge has accepted the newly created role of managing director of the Triple-1-Three Group and in this capacity, he will lead the team and the ongoing implementation of our strategy with the full support of the board.”

This is an edited version of a media release distributed by Triple-1-Three.

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