In an international first, an American company has launched a subscription homebrew service that sends its members pre-measured high quality ingredients along with the recipe required to brew that month’s beer style.

Box of Brew is a monthly subscription website for homebrewers that launched last week. Created by a group of beer lovers, the site founders are aiming to share their passion for craft beer with other enthusiasts, and to help educate those who are new to all-grain homebrewing.

“We couldn’t believe there wasn’t anything quite like this on the market,” says CEO Robert Henson, “and with our combined experience in business, and of course brewing, we knew it would be a great service for beginners and expert home-based beer brewers.”

Monthly subscriptions start at $15, with subscriber’s receiving hand-picked ingredients with foolproof instructions right to their door.

The site features 36 signature craft beer recipes and more are being added every day. A new kit featuring a new recipe is mailed monthly to members, who can also pick up brewing equipment and additional supplies in the soon to launch online store that runs in tandem to the subscription service.

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