A collaboration between a winemaker, Scott McWilliam of McWilliams, and brewer, Hamish Ord the owner of Hunter Beer Co and Potters Hotel, has resulted in the creation of Telltale Cider.

The boutique cider is being launched to compete in the champagne space, with a stylised bottle and limited production run – only 1,000 bottles were produced from the 2011 harvest. And with eating-grade apples sourced from a small grower in Bilpin, Blue Mountians, the cider has been created using methods similar to those used in the production of delicate white wines.

The project is a labour of love, with the labels being hand-assembled and applied by hand, with the bottles also being numbered by hand.

“We wanted to try and make one of the most exclusive ciders in the Australian market”, says McWilliam. “With cider rapidly gaining popularity, we saw a niche for a premium product in a 750ml bottle, which could be served and enjoyed like Champagne, but with the beautiful, fresh flavours of apples.”

Unsurprisingly, according to McWilliam, the product has been designed with the female market in mind.

“We had the savvy female consumer in mind when creating the cider,” he says. “We wanted to craft an indulgent drink that was unlike anything else currently in market – something to appeal to stylish and social women.”

According to the team the cider is delicate and lively with the aroma of sweet apple skin and apple blossom and a fine effervescence.

Telltale will be available in a number of Keystone Venues from next week, including Gazebo Wine Garden, The Winery and the recently opened Newtown Hotel – all in Sydney.

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