Beechworth craft-brewery Bridge Road Brewers is hosting its seventh annual Oktoberfest. Located in the heart of town, this small brewery has a swag of awards to its name, and is ready for this years celebration of beer and music. The event is based around the original Oktoberfest held in Munich in late September each year. This Beechworth Oktoberfest is probably as close as you will get to the real thing without forking out the dollars to fly to Europe.

The authenticity of this event is bolstered not only by the OhmPah band, traditional outfits and cuisine, but also by the beer brewed especially for the occasion. As is tradition in Munich, we also brew our own Marzen, or Oktoberfest beer, more than two months ahead of the event. This allows for the beer to age or ‘lager’ in tank for a prolonged period, resulting in a smooth malty lager, perfect for such a celebration.

Brewery founders,Ben Kraus and his partner Maria Frischmann,have strong links to the Oktoberfest. Maria hails from the heart of the Tyrol region in Austria and has worked as a bier-maid at the Munich Oktoberfest. Ben gained his brewing knowledge in the same region and has been brewing the Bridge Road beers for a little over six years. The brewery has come a long way from its origins in the family garage where the business spent its first year. Its relocation to an old coach house in Beechworth’s centre has proven a success.

Ben and Maria have recently returned from a trip to Austria and Germany. They managed to stock up on authentic Bavarian outfits to ensure the staff are kitted out for the weekend. Visitors are also encouraged to dress in the traditional Lederhosen or Dirndl (traditional Bavarian dress) and enjoy the festivities. The weekend will include plenty of beer, German cuisine and fun for all with a traditional ohm-pah band belting out some great drinking tunes.

Oktoberfest Entertainment will be provided by Alpine Cocktail, specialists in German ohm-pah music, with vocalist Rene hailing from Vienna, Austria.

The Beechworth Oktoberfest will be held at Bridge Road Brewers, off Ford St, behind Tanswells Hotel, rear access from High st. It will be held between 11am and 6pm on Sat 8th and Sun 9th of October. Groups of 10 or more are encouraged to book.

For further inquiries please contact Ben or Maria on 03 5728 2703, or drop in to Bridge Road Brewers.

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