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Moving from Scotland and looking for work in marketing, business development, and export within the brewing industry.

Chris Black is a marketing and export associate working within the craft brewing industry in Scotland following graduating in business enterprise. Chris is moving to Australia in March 2013 following a period of travel in South East Asia and New Zealand and is aiming to find work with a craft brewery that is looking to grow and develop as a business. With aspirations to start his own business Chris is keen to work closely with the owners of a brewery in developing the business by identifying and taking advantage of new opportunities. A role involving either marketing, business development, and export within a craft brewery would be preferable but Chris is open to relevant opportunities in other areas of the industry throughout Australia and New Zealand.

Chris Relevant experience

Fyne Ales Marketing and Export Associate

Work closely with managing director on a day to day basis developing marketing and export activities. Including creating a marketing strategy for the business and identifying new opportunities to fuel growth in line with the construction of a new brewery.

Developed a strategy to increase sales and awareness within a new marketplace and generate targeted revenue of £1.5 million by 2017 for the business from this new market. This will be achieved through the launch of 2 new product lines, one of which is currently being designed and developed by Chris for launch in November 2012.

Lead development of new website to be launched in winter 2012. Worked directly with design agency and photographer to develop the design of the website. Created the content for the website and managed the design of its structure.

Managed the design and launch of two new premium bottled products

Worked closely with designers on the development of bottle labels, pump clips and point of sale material.

Developed and implemented a social media strategy that has increased customer engagement and number of followers/likes on twitter and facebook.

Identified and developed Export opportunities in Northern America, Ireland, Spain, Italy Belgium and France. These relationships are currently developing and it is hoped they will create a sizeable revenue stream for the business in the future.

Tennents Caledonian breweries Marketing Assistant

Conducted a research project into the Scottish craft beer market that culminated in a strategy report being presented to the board of directors.

Assisted innovation manager in the development and launch of two new major products

Lead conceptual design of a new range of beers to be launched summer 2013.

Worked on a day to day basis assisting the marketing department when required.

A full CV and references are available by contacting Chris at

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