Paul Parks at Bondi Brewing Co’s new microbrewery. Photography by Jonathan Buttery

Last week saw the launch of a brand-new brewing space at the heart of Bondi Beach, coinciding with a collaborative fundraising beer series by Bondi Brewing Co.

Located within Easy Tiger, a joint venture between Bondi Brewing Co and House Made Hospitality along Campbell Parade, Bondi Brewing Co Head Brewer Paul Parks spoke to Beer & Brewer about the new microbrewery.

“The opening of our microbrewery and Easy Tiger restaurant is a milestone for Bondi Brewing Co. It represents our home, a flag in the ground in Bondi, and commitment to craft and quality. Having our own brewing space is important, as it allows us to experiment more freely, and brew a variety of small batches, which will continually evolve.

“It’s about deepening our connection with the craft of beer brewing, and giving our customers the true Bondi Brewing Co experience.”

Having felt the support of the Bondi community since the brewery opened in 2018, Parks explained why he is so passionate about giving back.

“The support from the local community has been the backbone of Bondi Brewing Co’s success over the years, and this was evident with the release of our first beer which ranked at #46 in the GABS Hottest 100.

“We’ve also had great support from local businesses – our beers can be found in most Bondi restaurants, bars and bottle shops, as well as individual beer enthusiasts. The community’s enthusiasm and feedback has really shaped our journey. Their support has been instrumental in our growth, and it’s something we cherish and seek to foster ongoing.”

The new project, Good Tanks, will see Bondi Brewing Co partner with local legends and community leaders on a series of limited-edition beers. From these creations, a dollar for every beer sold will be donated directly to a community project or charity chosen by the collaborator.

“Collabs between breweries and brands aren’t exactly new, and while we see the value in these and have pursued them, we wanted to give back to Bondi, and this inspired us to collaborate with the community we love,” added Parks.

“Through this series, we aim to not just create great beer, but also to raise awareness of, and support local causes and projects.

“The Good Tanks series is a reflection of our values – collaboration, community and creativity. It’s our way of giving back and staying connected with the community that supports us.”

The Good Tanks series will rely on its collaborators to nominate a charity or community project of their choice to receive funding, but it will also involve them in the brewing process.

“The collaboration process involves working closely with our partners to create great tasting beer,” says Parks. “Our collaborators are involved in every step of the way, from selecting the hops, malts and other ingredients, to deciding on the style.

“On brew day, they help out as Assistant Brewers, under our watchful eye, but mostly provide great banter and chat to get us through the long brew session.”

Looking ahead, Parks says that Bondi Brewing Co is always on the search for exciting and meaningful collaborations. Up next, beer lovers can expect to see a collaboration with ex-Wallaby Drew Mitchell who will be supporting Starlight Children’s Foundation.

Beyond the Good Tanks series, Parks says the launch of the microbrewery opens the doors to a world of new brews.  

“While the Good Tanks collaborative brews are a significant part of our microbrewery’s operations, they’re not its sole focus. We are using this space to brew a variety of beers, including some of our core range, limited edition beers and R&D batches. We’ll also be creating some new beers with our Head Chef Andy, which will be specifically designed to pair with the exciting banquet menu at our Easy Tiger restaurant.”

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