The team behind Walkers Brewing Co is seeking crowdfunding support to bring the iconic name back to the historic township of Bathurst, New South Wales, where the Walkers and Co Limited brewery operated from 1895 to 1926.

The plan for the team is to open up a brewery and bistro in what project founder Tony Fitzgerald calls the ‘spiritual home’ of Walkers and Co Limited, and to raise the funds the get the ball rolling on the project, Tony has turned to a far more modern method of raising the funds – crowdfunding.

“There’s a huge swing at the moment with craft beer and the big brewers are worried their market share is being taken over by craft beers,” Tony said in a recent interview. “What I want to do is bring back to life thestories and the beer of a brewing family. To most people it’s a surprise that Bathurst had a number of very successful brewery operations.”

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