The Victorian Association of Microbreweries Inc (VAMI) has launched a new website and a Stamp of Authenticity to help beer drinkers buy local and support independent craft breweries.

The craft beer scene in Australia has exploded with new breweries, new brands and an ever-expanding range of quality beers, driven by a growing base of consumers with a thirst for something different.

Determined to help consumers sort out what they are seeing on shelves, the VAMI has launched Hand Crafted Local to help fans of locally-brewed products easily identify craft beers from local, independent microbreweries. Focused around the Stamp of Authenticity – an easily identifiable label graphic that is designed to help craft beer fans in Victoria pick out verifiably local products – the website offers information on local, independent craft breweries.

The state is at the forefront of craft beer production in Australia, and VAMI is dedicated to promoting the local, independent microbreweries that are currently operating across Victoria.

Recently significant changes have hit the craft beer market. There are a number of well-known craft beer brands now under foreign ownership, which has led to the ACCC undertaking a recent review of the craft beer market to investigate incidents of misleading labelling – referred to as ‘craft washing’ – that have crept into the craft beer sector.

This campaign seeks to provide beer lovers with reassurance that what they are buying is the product of genuine, local Victorian brewers that are brewing handcrafted beer and where to find them.



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