9 February 2011

Beer is sophisticated. Think not? Well Australia’s first ladies of beer are out to change your mind in a unique, witty, interactive theatrical experience coming to the majestic Thornbury Theatre.

Australia’s Beer Diva, Kirrily Waldhorn, alongside 5 wonderful Victorian Women of Beer, will be putting on stage the beer secrets and finer points of beer appreciation that they have previously shared only at private events in bars, restaurants and corporate board rooms and their own breweries, of course.

The five Women of Beer hail from some of Victoria’s finest craft breweries, Red Hill Brewery, Mountain Goat, True South, Bridge Road Brewing and Hargreaves Hill Brewery. A selected beer from each of these breweries will feature for tasting in the show.

In a stage show that is described as ‘part theatre, part sensory indulgence’, the women of beer promise to take their audience on a journey of discovery in five acts that will stimulate all of their senses through projected animation, original music, live performance and sampling five distinctive styles of beer. The show is “a joyous experience – punctuated by myth-busting facts, light-hearted history, global culture and beery philosophy — all which will leave you stimulated, entertained, and enriched by an unexpected education.

Beer is still misunderstood, despite its growth in recent years,” Kirrily says. Even though beer is entrenched in Australian culture we happily muse on the lexicon of wine, but fail to appreciate the amazing complexities and diverse styles offered by beer. And the unjust prejudices and stereotypes surrounding this nectar still prevail. Beer is often seen, wrongly, as the domain of overweight, aggressive, bearded, belching, football-loving men. Not an image likely to seduce foodies, sophisticates, or women into wider experimentation and adoption – but they’re missing out on so much pleasure. It’s time to tear down these misconceptions!

In a show like none ever seen before, Kirrily alongside the Women of Beer will guide the audience, seated at tables in cabaret style, through the lighter side of the history of beer and brewing, and lead them in the sampling of five distinct beers.

If you’re not convinced that beer belongs on stage, come see for yourself.

One show only on the 4th March 2011. 9pm-10.30pm $40 includes the show & beers
Doors open 7pm for dinner featuring brewers craft beers (extra $)
Bookings : www.thethornburytheatre.com

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