Birra Baladin is the brainchild of Teo Musso, the owner and brewer at the cult beer brand that kicked off the Italian craft brewing movement.

A non-conformist brewer, Musso prefers to stray outside set norms, creating unique beer experiences through carefully selected ingredients. His brews include everything from session Ales to intricate beers created using ancient brewing methods.

While some Birra Baladin has reached Australian shores previously, distribution is now being exclusively handled by Birra Italiana, meaning better access to the full range of beers by this rock star brewer.

The beer geeks at Birra Italiana recommend that beer/food fans look to start an evening of dining with the versatile Isaac, finishing off with a drop of Elixir to finish the night, while the Open and Super ranges are winners for the serious craft beer fanatics.

The full launch range includes:

  • Isaac – Belgium White 5%
  • Nora – Egyptian Ale 6.8%
  • Super – Belgium Strong Ale 8%
  • Elixir – Belgium Strong Ale 10%
  • Leon – Dark Ale 9%
  • Open – APA 7.5%
  • Open “Reserva” – APA 7.5%

The range is available in small and large bottle formats, plus kegs.

For more information head to Birra Italiana.

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