SafAle™ K-97 is a German ale brewer’s yeast producing subtle fermentation character. Depending on the conditions this yeast tends to present floral and balanced fruity character. Ideal for delicate beers such as German Kolsch beers, Belgian Wits and also some versions of session beers.

However, after thorough characterisation studies and trials with the Fermentis sensory analysis team, Fermentis SafAle™ K-97 has also proven to be suitable for heavily hopped beers like NEIPAs and hazy IPAs and has ability to form a large firm head when fermenting.

In a recent interview with Matt Kirkegard’s Brews News, Dr Gabriela Montandon from the sensory analysis team at Fermentis talked about SafAle™ K-97’s ability to release bound hop thiols quite substantially. As Fermentis sees new beer styles entering the market they take their yeasts through characterisation trials and assess their suitability to different beer styles as they emerge in the market.

This yeast has been certified E2U™, meaning is has been taken through a rigorous trial procedure implemented by Fermentis to ensure that the yeast maintains it viability – meaning Fermentis can confidently guarantee that you will see no difference in yeast viability whether you direct pitch into the wort or rehydrate. The same can be said for its fermentation performance (kinetics, sugar content etc) and equally as importantly this certification proves that there is no impact whatsoever on taste and aroma whether you direct pitch or rehydrate.

Find out more about this strain here and please talk to your local Bintani team member to find out more.

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